Now accepting availability

I am now requesting availability on sportssched for FlameFest in June to be played in McKinney.

ntxreferees updates

The training and assessment tracking system has been completely updated. Please let me know if you find any unusual or incorrect information. A few of the updates:

Assessment List
The required assessments are now displayed as Youth, Adult and AR. As before, failed assessments will not be displayed.

Registration Tracking
Hours, Fitness and Exam results are now included in the Registration Tracking section. The results of all assessments connected with the registration record are now grouped and displayed as a Youth, Adult or AR assessment.

Training Tracking
This section has been removed and the Hours, Fitness and Exam results are now included in the Registration Tracking section.

Assessment Tracking
A list of all the individual's assessments appears at the bottom of the registration page. When a new assessment has been completely entered, it will appear on that list just as it does on the SRA's Assessment List. Updates to an assessment record automatically notify the SRA via email.

US Soccer Referee Grade Restructure

Implementing the restructure....

Most of us have heard that our referee grades are being restructured. US Soccer has been working on this restructure with US Youth Soccer and US Adult Soccer so that the grades of referees better serve the youth and adult games. Whether you are a referee, referee assignor, or Association board member you need to understand these changes.

While US Soccer has set down the basic requirements and game levels, the State Associations have been allowed to further define these requirements and game levels to better serve the games in their State. Your State Referee Committee has been meeting, discussing and coming up with the best program options to serve the players, associations and games in North Texas Soccer. We have discussed this restructure with US Soccer more..